Our goal is to reach 1 million hectares managed under Holistic planned grazing by 2030, using 100,000 head of cattle as our primary tool to build biological capital, giving ranchers the opportunity to run a profitable and resilient operation that works in harmony with Nature.

Our Initiative: 1M, 100K, 2030

Our commitment to work in sync with Nature over several years has paid off: We are reversing desertification on more than 500,000 hectares across the Chihuahuan Desert, the largest North American desert.  How do we do it? We move cattle across pastures every day, mimicking the great bison migrations: breaking the soil with their hooves and fertilizing with their manure.  Thanks to Holistic planned grazing management, native perennial grasslands are coming back from what used to be bare soils.

The problem with bare soil is that it is exposed to sunlight, hit with raindrops and blown by the wind. This results in erosion, floods, and droughts - which ultimately leads to hunger, poverty, and mass migrations of people from the countryside to the cities. 

 But there is HOPE for reversing desertification and building biological capital in semi-arid zones worldwide: applying Holistic planned grazing to our land promotes living soil protected by native grasses and bushes, thus cooling soil temperatures, capturing rainwater, recharging aquifers, and cleaning the air we breathe thru carbon sequestration on our native grasslands.